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Conference on Competition and the Digital Economy

The objective of the conference, organized by the TSE Digital Center at the Toulouse School of Economics with the help of the CEPR, is to discuss recent contributions to the understanding of the digital economy and its consequences for modern societies. Keeping the spirit of previous years, the conference will feature theoretical, econometric, experimental and policy oriented contributions. We welcome submissions from scholars working in law, political science, psychology and sociology as well as economics.

While the advent of the digital economy has generated new opportunities around the globe, it has also given rise to certain challenges for policymakers. One such challenge is developing the right approach to promoting and protecting competition in digital markets, which has been identified as a priority for the 2022 G7 French Presidency.

With a view to informing the G7 Finance Ministers’ discussions on these issues, this event will promote an exchange of views and experience between policy makers, academics and competition authorities. To support the G7’s discussions, the Autorité de la concurrence, the OECD, Banque de France and the French Ministry of Economy and Finance are organising a high-level Conference on Competition and the Digital Economy


OECD Centre, Paris


May 24, 2022

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Our Speakers

Hear from innovative researchers, talented CxOs, and senior developers who are doing amazing things with artificial intelligence.

Brian Watson
John James
Anthony Berry
Jeffery Blake
Creative Director
Minnie Santos
Creative Director
Lillian McBride
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